Why Intserv Painting?


Our Surface and Paint Preparation

Before we start painting, we always make sure everything is covered, & the walls and ceilings and other surfaces, are clean, dry and free from dirt, & grease.

We then apply a coat of primer & undercoat paint if required. Helping achieve an even finish and enhance the intensity of the topcoat colour. Most primers & undercoats are available in four different primary colours, but can also be tinted to nearest match to the topcoat colour; they will improve the power of your chosen surface topcoat.



For plasterboard, skimming plaster, plasterboard and lined walls:


Some substrates, such as newly plastered and dry-lined walls, we will recommend a weak solution of your topcoat colour; known as a ** (mist-coat @ a ratio 30%/70% water to paint) this will seal the surface and promote good adhesion for the topcoat.


 **Dilution ratio rate will depend on the porosity of the surface. A test patch is needed to determine the correct dilution rate.



 For pre-painted, non-porous walls and ceilings:


When we are going to make a significant colour change we, apply one full coat of a primer & undercoat in the correct colour tone for your topcoat.



How we prepare glossy or oil-based surfaces:


We will sand down using the dustless or wet and dry system, and dependant on whether the Paint is before the 1960s we would seal the paint with a shellac sealer, this is due to lead pigments within the older paint, and then clean with a detergent such as sugar soap, & methylated spirits. (methylated spirits should not be used to clean waterbased or shellac-based paints)

Then apply one full coat of Primer & Undercoat to help adhesion and enhance the topcoat colour.



 For plaster surfaces that are porous, chalky or slightly degraded but otherwise structurally sound:


We may use Masonry & Plaster Stabilising Primer such as "Owatrol EB bonding primer" or similar before applying a topcoat emulsion.



 Mixing & Applying  Paints


  • When we are using more than one tin of the same colour, we always check that the batch numbers are the same. If they're not, we will mix the paint tins before using.


  • We always mix the paint, thoroughly before use.


  • Applying two coats using a brush or roller, most emulsion paints are usually dry in two hours and can be re-coated in four hours.




Why Intserv Painting?






We believe choosing us makes sense for many reasons. We’re a local business, you can trust! With many years of experience and a reputation for quality work and customer care, our goal is always your satisfaction. You can count on us to put your preferences first, to work around your schedules, and to provide a result you’ll love!


Learn more about the three defining factors that set us apart:




As a local business, Intserv Painting started more than 25 years ago, in the 1990s, We always manage every project from beginning to end, and we work with your schedules to maximise your convenience and the ease of your customer service experience.

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We Care About More Than Just Paint

Since 1998, many of our customers have given us excellent ratings out of 10! We are solution-oriented, and most of our business is locally based. From providing a free estimate before the project starts to cleaning up thoroughly throughout & at the end, every aspect of our service planned around the satisfaction of our valued customers.

We offer professional residential and commercial interior and exterior painting services, and you can have confidence choosing Intserv Painting for any job, big or small!


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