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Valspar Paint Apologises

image of a cat sitting on a toilet, with reference to Valspar paint smell

Problems With Valspar Paint


Valspar Paint's Ongoing problems

Some odours, emitting from some walls and cupboards, that have been painted with (some paints including) Valspar paint, seem to get worse in hotter weather, and this has led customers to complain that it is causing headaches.

"It's still smelling of cat urine & a something along the line of a dead rodent"



A joint statement from Valspar and B&Q:

“We apologise to the customers who have been affected by certain batches of Valspar paint, bought in 2017. As soon as the issue was identified, we have taken corrective action to help minimise, the risk of the odour reoccurring. We hope we have resolved this issue for customers affected by the paint sold last year.

However, we remain committed to resolving any concerns customers may have. When a customer contacts our Call Centre, we provide advice on how to neutralise the odour and request additional details so that an offer of compensation can be made by Valspar within 48 hours. Any customers having followed the recommendation and still having difficulty will be offered an onsite visit to help find a resolution.

"If any customer has a concern regarding Valspar paint,  please contact B&Q Customer Services on 0333 014 3098.”