Image prior to tin ceiling tiles installed

image showing tin ceiling tiles installed

Faux Victorian Tin Tile Before Being painted

I think it would be challenging to beat the North American Original Tin Tiles: That’s why nail-up ceiling tin tiles have been a favourite of builders and homeowners in N.America, and small installations in the UK for over a hundred years. Nail-up ceiling tile installation can, in some instances, be easy, or be more awkward to install than others. The intricate design features of these decorative tiles they could be used to completely transform a room from dull to exciting in a matter of an afternoon, obviously dependant on the size of the ceiling, and what surface the tiles are going to affix. One significant advantage you have over those homeowners of many years ago is the many ceiling tile options to choose from when decorating a room, backsplash or an entire level of your home. Whereas older generations could only choose nail-up tiles made of natural tin & in only one of the few designs available, I think we have the most robust job yet, which may be deciding which of the more than 200 patterns and 75 finishes is right for your home.

Tin tiles have many purposes for many purposes – not just ceilings. From backsplashes in kitchens to elegant accents in beautiful dining rooms or establishments, tin has withstood the test of time...


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