Shabby ‘Chic’

How to Age Furniture With Wax Candles

shabby chic furniture
Do you like the worn, ‘shabby chic’ look that’s so popular but doesn’t want to spend substantial amounts of £’s You can use a household candle to reproduce a ‘distressed’ look on any wooden piece of furniture – new or old – that you plan to paint.

STEP ONE: Prime the furniture
First, prime the piece with an under-colour primer (as though the furniture had been painted this colour previously) and allow the primed coat to dry thoroughly.

STEP TWO: Rub with a candle
Rub a white candle along the edges & corners, knobs,& handles also randomly over the over the higher relief areas wherever it would be worn slightly by frequent usage.Be generous with the wax & brush any flaky bits away.

STEP THREE: Now paint the furniture piece with a coat of main top colour, this won’t stick to the wax, You will need a second coat of top colour.

STEP FOUR: When the item is completely dry, rub away the waxed areas with a soft cotton cloth dipped in warm water.