Painting and decorating workable excel worksheet

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This is by no means a techno mathematical calculator; it was made to try and help with some painters and decorators on painting pricing strategy, for those new to the trade. I hope it helps! please let me know.

  1. You can adjust the hourly rate to suit you.
  2. You adjust the "Markup" %.
  3. On the wall tab, add your length-width height and on frieze add the perimeter - length x heigh. You can also adjust your wall rate.
  4. Ceilings tab adjust; accordingly, you can include the frieze measurements or not. You can adjust your ceiling rate.
  5. The skirting tab can be adjusted, like all the other tabs and but has been adjusted for only pricing @ per linear metre, .
  6. Doors tab is only an example of some types of interior doors and priced at (per side), and the number of doors, not the .
  7. The architrave is under the skirting tab using .


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