Exterior Paints - Primers & Undercoats

Good Exterior Primers & Undercoats are critical to achieving a professional, even paint job. Primers are designed to properly adhere to and seal surfaces, preventing paint from peeling. Unlike paint, a primer is specifically designed for application on bare substrates, such as to render, wood, metal, and MDF.

A Primer is usually a white colour; however, you can often ask the supplier for the tint to be added so that its colour is a near match to the topcoat you're be applying. This will result in a better overall colour application. Multiple coats of a primer may be necessary when applying a drastic colour change, such as a dark to light, or light to dark, solid covering stripes, and so on. Shiny (i.e., gloss paint) paint that is in good condition will still need to be primed, after a light sanding.



Surfaces that are optimal for painting possess the same four qualities:






How to Choose a Primer

If you think about the elements your building exterior faces in any given month, you know your exterior paint is put to the test.


Paint Primers & Undercoats


This can be accomplished by using a quality primer. A good acrylic primer used on clean, dry walls before the paint can greatly extend the life of your paint. Most people find success with a 100% acrylic primer. We only use high-quality materials to paint and will help, if required, select the supplies necessary for the project. If you have a particular brand that you prefer, be sure too let us know!


Q.Should You Prime a Surface Every Time? - Some Say Yes, Some Say No

A. It depends on the situation. This is something that we will discuss before beginning work. No matter the project, as painters, we do conduct extensive preparation work, to ensure that your paint project is a success and last for years to come.

Some of that preparation includes the following:

  Power or hand washing using environmentally-friendly detergents

  Scraping & Dust-free sanding to remove old paint

  Minor maintenance such as render repair, caulking etc

We will also cover the surrounding area and clean afterwards as part of our professional pledge. Learn more about our services!


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