Eco Green Painting


Products that Are Environmentally Friendly

Are you thinking of calling painters to schedule a new exterior paint project in or ouside your home? We encourage you to consider calling Intserv Painting and ask about our Eco-green painting services.

We try to use Eco-conscious, environmentally friendly paint products wherever possible, for interior or exterior painting, purchasing paint products from manufacturers like Farrow & Ball ®, Earthborn ®, Little Green Paint Co ®, & Osmo ® to name a few. The benefits of the Eco-Friendly painting are numerous. Keep reading to learn more.


Q. What’s the Problem with Paint Products? 

A. Modern Conventional paints can have negative effects on the Environment, for example:


  PAINT FUMES these can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

  PAINT CONTAINS volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other dangerous substances that may be potentially harmful.

  MAKING ONE LITRE of paint can produce as much as 30 litres worth of toxic waste.


Whereas, on the other hand, Eco-friendly paints eliminate those problems. Be sure to ask us about our Eco paint options when you call.

We do our best to use products, that will minimize dangerous environmental repercussions and promote safety.

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Choosing Eco-paints will be ameans of lessening the environmental footprint, of your exterior painting project. You’ll be reducing waste and avoiding VOCs, which can actually remain in the paint for up to five years post-application. Green paints do not contain noxious odours. They are produced naturally,for instance clay paints, are non-toxic, and they look good! though slightly more expensive.££


Confused? Intserv Painting Offers Clarity.

Maybe you have questions, or you’re not sure if green paints are the right choice for you. We’ll help you. We can answer your questions, no problem.

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