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Seamless Ceilings

Zinsser creates fuss-free ceiling finishes

Posted on February 27, 2017

Zinsser Ceiling Pro 2.5L LR

Achieving a seamless ceiling is not usually an easy task, but thanks to the ground-breaking paint technology of Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 from Zinsser everyone can enjoy a perfectly finished ceiling.

As with any job when it comes to transforming a ceiling, good preparation is still crucial but now the days of using multiple products to seal, prime and finish are long gone. Zinsser’s Ceiling Pro 5-in-1 is a quick drying, water-based, low odour product which seals, primes, blocks stains and finishes, while bridging hairline cracks, all in one application.

Touch dry within just 30 minutes and with a recoat time of one-hour, this specialist paint is suitable for both bare and previously painted ceilings and will adhere to any surface.

With its stain sealing properties, it makes light work of water or smoke damaged ceilings, leaving a bright white matt finish. It also contains a biocide that protects the dried coating against fungal degradation* to prolong the life of the finished painted ceiling. As it dries with zero tension, Ceiling Pro 5-in-1 can reduce the likelihood of future cracking, flaking and peeling.

Paul Waller, Zinsser’s marketing director, said: “Unless you are a contortionist, transforming a ceiling doesn’t tend to be anyone’s favourite job, regardless of whether they are a professional painter and decorator or a DIY enthusiast. Applying multiple products whilst balancing in awkward positions can feel like a never-ending task particularly if there are strong colours or damage to the ceiling to cover up.

“Now thanks to Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 all people need is a single product for the ultimate finish to their ceiling thanks to its revolutionary paint technology.”

Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 is available in 2.5 litres and be applied by brush, roller or airless sprayer. For more information on Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 and other products from Zinsser visit

* Once dried the paint film is classed as a treated article and contains the surface biocide 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one 0.04% by weight.