Frequently Asked Questions

You can rely on us for quality craft in the area of residential and commercial painting services. We’re committed to customer care. Part of that includes ensuring that our customers have access to answers to any questions they may be asking.


How Do I Request an Estimate for Painting Services?

You can request a painting estimate Contact Us, on our website. To learn more, you
can either find Intserv Painting in your local directory or online or call us
directly. 07969 007 445 or 01202 948 905


Why Should I Choose Intserv Painting?

Applying paints the right way. Plus, we take the time needed for a professional, quality paint
finish, offering thorough preparation, services and quality inspections. Learn more about us and the professional
painting difference.


Do you offer commercial painting services?

Yes, we offer commercial services all year long (except winter). We can paint the exteriors and interiors of buildings
including new construction, multi-let, and much more ask for full details.


What Should I Do to Prepare for the Painting After We Sign a Contract?/Quote

Before your painting commencing, we ask that if possible, you move all fragile or breakable items-for Example, pictures, glassware, and electronic devices when possible. We can move furniture and
even a wall-mounted TV if needed (small price). Upon completion of the room, we move everything back into place. Find more preparation tips for an interior painting service, and if you are interested in an exterior painting service, read these tips first.


How Will the Paint Be Applied?

While each job varies, we use a combination of brushes and rollers are typically used to paint walls, ceilings,
and trim (woodwork).


What Type of Paint Do You Use?

As professional painters, we work with multiple suppliers including Dulux®, Zinsser®, and
Farrow and Ball®, Little Greene Co, and Earthborn Eco paint, or we can use any brand you prefer
. We can recommend a variety of zero-VOC and low-VOC paints for low-odour and low
toxicity. We always try to be Eco-friendly were possible. If you are interested in an exterior
painting service, you may want to read about exterior colour trends and outer preparation tips. Learn more about our preferred home painting partners.


Can You Also Repair my Drywall or Rotten Wood?

As a painting business that prides itself on quality and professionalism, we can repair holes and
cracks in drywall and walls before we start painting. We offer a variety of other services, too,
including repair of rotted wood, windowsill repair, and other small carpentry jobs. If it's not listed, please ask! We know and use many reputable, honest, and reliable tradespeople that should be able to advise & help. We want to earn your business.


How Long Will it Take for the Work to Begin?

Depending on our work schedules and time of the season, generally speaking, about one to three
weeks after a signed contract and colour selections have been sorted. We cannot put you on the
schedule until we have both. However, we will always try to accommodate your timeline.


Can You Separate the Estimate into Several Parts?

Absolutely! We realise you may have priorities and we are glad to help in any way we can to get
your job is done, all at once, or phase by phase, area by area, we would give you an estimate
for said individual areas or stages.


What Should I Do to Prepare for the Estimate?

It’s best for all decision-makers to be present at the time of the estimate. If not, make sure you
discuss all work together ahead of time. We recommend that you: Make a list of all the work you
want to be done for each room or on the exterior of your home. Choose colours and
finishes. Make a list of what you did and did not like about your last paint job or painter. Identify
your budget. We realise that painting your home is a significant investment. We want to earn your
business and can tailor a proposal for every budget. The estimate will take approximately 60-90

Pay & Enjoy!
Once everything is complete, we confirm final payment details with you. Then, we leave your home as clean as when we found it so you can enjoy your newly painted space!