Our prep work begins with the thorough power washing( for exterior walls)  or (scrubbing/sanding of your interior walls). Power washing is essential for several reasons. Chemicals from landscape/garden maintenance can cause the paint to peel, discolour, or fail prematurely.

Additionally, it's normal for paint to oxidize in the sun, and turn chalky to the touch. Neglecting to remove dirt and chalk will prevent paint from sticking to it. It will stick to the residue instead, which will eventually be brushed or blown off the house.
Our extensive prep work process is what sets us apart from other painting businesses who sometimes hire inexperienced paint teams with a high volume, low-quality business model. Unlike those paint teams, our painting services give you long-lasting results.

Here's our approach to professional painting preparation:

You’ll often hear painters say, “Prep is 75% of the job.” It's true, and we put a substantial amount of effort into scraping, sanding edges of window-sills, and hand or power washing.

We take the time to protect your home and ensure we're not disrupting your daily life.

As needed, we can perform minor repairs. See other home services we can offer.