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Exterior Painting Preparation Tips


Preparation Steps For Owners

You can help our preparation work go quickly and smoothly by doing some prep of your own! The following is a helpful checklist to ensure your home’s exterior is ready for work:


   Trim back landscaping to allow us close access to exterior walls and trim.

  Make sure water taps are in good working order for power washing.

   Ensure exterior electrical outlets work for use of any necessary power tools.

   Designate a safe area where we can leave our work kit, including ladders. We don’t want to cause you any inconvenience during the process.

  Coordinate your painting plans with any other tradespeople you employ. Reschedule garden services and turn off sprinklers (in the summer) while your house is being painted.

  Make your final paint colour selection before we arrive.

   Close your windows on power washing days. Unlock your front door and windows on the days they are painted.

   Remember that the front door must be open all day, and maybe part of the evening, on the day it is painted. Prepare to have your house secured some other way.


Keep Your Building Looking Its Best!

When your exterior painting project is finished, it will last for years to come. While the paint will last, here are other ways to keep your exterior elements looking great:


  Once a year, check the caulking around windows, door frames, and trim (woodwork) to ensure nothing is cracked. Typically, freshly applied caulk lasts three to five years.

  If you have an area that is prone to mould, mildew, or salt, clean it frequently with a stiff brush and power wash with a solution that contains an oxygen-bleach additive.

   Even though nature provides us with so much, that doesn’t mean birds or insects should build a nest on your newly painted home or building. Take care to remove these.

   Brick is known for being low maintenance, but if your brick doesn’t look good next to your freshly painted trim, it can ruin the overall effect. Maintain brick by clearing weep holes filled with debris and power wash it once a year.

   Cut ivy or vines growing on your home to prevent damage and reduce humidity damage.

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Painting your home is an investment. Take great care of it before and after painting for a quality that lasts. When you hire Intserv Painting for exterior painting, we take care of the step between the “before” and “after” to give you amazing results.