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804 Anti Silicone

Anti silicone 804 is an Additive to reduce "fish eye" when painting

 Helps In Reducing Fish Eye


804  Anti-Silicone  

804 Anti silicone additive is suitable for the prevention and confrontation of silicon craters. the painting and decorating trade call this: cissing, or fish eye etc; Use 10ml of Anti Silicone (one cap approx.) for every 500ml of ready-to-spray mixed paint. or straight from the tin, this is for oil-based paint only. The mix must be applied in two light coats over the craters until they disappear. After adding 804 Anti Silicone to the paint mix to ensure that is mixed well. Apply the Paint / Additive mixture with a gun, brush or roller.
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(Fish Eye)

A small, white dot, surrounded by a ring of paint — caused when paint for various reasons will not stick to the surface. Fisheye is most often caused by a spot of oil, grease or wax on the surface. The best way to prevent it is to clean the surface well before painting.