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2019 Colour & Decorating Trends

Dulux 2019 trends elusion


Dulux Trends 2019 "ELUSION"

Cinnamon Diamonds, a dusty pink hue, is all that’s required to provide this otherwise masculine decor scheme of Elusion and tones of Mountain Lake the right amount of femininity.

To reflect a desire for redefined indulgence and conscious considerations, in the pursuit of luxury. Especially at home and in colour.

In seeking first-class products and experiences, there is an appreciation for traditional practices and old-world craftsmanship, embracing that which blends old and new, past and present.

From the darkness of night, reaching towards the light and following the desire to slow down the advancement, of some technologies and the reliance on social media, both of our Colours of the Year are a modern expression of lustrous richness. Through depth of colour and the contrast of light and shadow, these full-bodied verdant hues emulate the feeling of lush greenery, recreating a nature-inspired, calming yet invigorating euphoria.

Dulux 2019 Colour trends...