House Painting That Lasts!

When it comes to house painting essentials and picking a paint colour, you can't just ask for white! There are a plethora of choices from crisp fresh whites, warm whites, and pure whites. Colour is a preference decision for each; however, some great tools can help you make a critical choice between those shades you love, such as Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink and Wimborne White!

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Colour Wheels and Paint Chips

Colour Wheels and paint cards/chips help you narrow the scope of your colour decision-making. Between the many different hues and shades of each colour, we hope to offer (if in stock) some colour wheels/cards from several different major paint manufacturers. You can borrow these if you like for a few days to sample and make your selection. Colour wheels are also very helpful in matching the colour to an existing wall or a favourite object.

Online Colour Tools

Many of the major paint manufacturers in the UK have several interactive websites & some online tools:


  • Dulux 

     DULUX VISUALISER APP ® Offers a mobile app, virtual design studio, and modern/historical colour palettes. More colour inspiration can be found just about anywhere, from a cushion or pair of shoes to the flowers in your garden. Thanks to the Dulux Visualizer App and the new colour picker technology, it’s now easier than ever before to bring those colours to life in your home and choose a colour with confidence.

  • Farrow & Ball 

     FARROW AND BALL ® Has a website that shows an extensive colour gallery, also an array of painting idea tools, and their Facebook app allows you to connect with famed paint experts via social media.

  • Earthborn

     EARTHBORNE ®.It offers a website that shows an extensive colour gallery, including a wide array of colour examples that quickly create your dream colour palette. Earthborn take a holistic approach to environmental issues, “we consider not only what goes into the breathable paint but also, perhaps more importantly, what comes out.”


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